Entertain friends and family in the stunning vacation home available at Rancho Kassondra. This property is located on the Pacific Ocean next to the Decameron ™ hotel.

spectacular property

Enjoy a cocktail in the pool of the hottest property in El Salvador. This four bedroom home has 3 bunk beds, 4 queen size beds, and three full bathrooms. Parking is available for up to 7 vehicles, and two caregivers provide for all your personal needs.(please be kind they work on tips )

Stay cool on warm evenings with air conditioning in every room. This house has two full kitchens and fully functional. One of the kitchens has a built-in barbecue grill and large island with views of both sides of the ocean and the pool, allowing you to prepare meals and socialize with your guests simultaneously.

The atmosphere of the afternoon

Let your cheerful or romantic night by the fireplace as the property is lit from more than 100  lights, including ground effects. 


Rest assured that this property is located in a gated community with an association of owners. There is tremendous security to guarantee your protection throughout the day, every day. We usually have 8 guards stationed at regular times and 10 during vacations, in all areas, including the beach, streets and residential parks.